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Runners/coaches comments from the camps

- "I loved the camp, it was the highlight of my summer"

- "Thank you so much for everything you have done. I really enjoyed all activities you had for us! This camp really made our cross country team closer. We really needed this."

- "Thank you for a camp I will always remember."

- "Thank you guys sir much for doing this. I felt that this was a great way for me to bond with upperclassman and become closer to the friends I've already made...I don't know how to thank you guys for this opportunity you give to cross country teams."

- "This camp has been by far my favorite."

- "Everything was great! I had a lot of fun and would recommend it to anyone!"

- "Had lots of fun...thank you!"

- "I wish the camp was longer because it was very fun."

- "I wish we would have stayed here longer."

- "The beds are so comfy."

- "Loved this camp. Can't wait to come back next year."

- "I really enjoyed being here these last few days and wish we would have been able to do this in past years."


- "The food was amazing."

- "This camp was awesome!"

- "Make it 4-5 days went too fast!"

- "The camp was great! Thank you for having us, it was a great experience. I loved how flexible you were and how you made it OUR camp."

- "I loved this camp and I can't wait to come back next time!"

- "Let us know when we can reserve a time for next year."

- "The runners education topic was awesome and helpful."

- "Thank you for the experience to actually have fun while running. The whole place was awesome and don't know if you could have done any better...thank you and I can't wait to come back next year."

- "Beautiful property and trails. Educational segment was very beneficial...Wonderful experience. Would highly recommend. Thank you for making this an affordable option."

- "This weekend has been one of the greatest I've had...Overall the camp was amazing and I would definitely attend again. Thank you so much!"


What coaches had to say – BEFORE even attending the 2018 camp:


“We’re looking forward to this experience.”

— Coach S


“We have been working to get a camp like this built into our program.”

— Coach H


“This all looks AWESOME! Excited to work with you and hopefully keep this as a yearly thing! Looking forward to all of this! Our kids are super excited to be going! Yay!”

— Coach C


“I know a lot of the kids are excited about going as a team and having fun.”

— Coach V


“After thinking things over, this sounds like an awesome opportunity for us and right in line with where we would like to move our program…I think the price and what everything has to offer would be fantastic...We have a lot of excited runners and it is only still March!”

— Coach G


“Your location & grounds look amazing. My girls would love it…I’m definitely in.”

— Coach S


“Thanks for all the info. Looks like a beautiful place. I think this would be a great team building experience…Looking forward to it.”

— Coach B


“That property is absolutely amazing….I think it would be a great new tradition to start for our kids. ”

— Coach S


“This sounds like an amazing opportunity. It would be a great opportunity for our small town kids…The website and area are AMAZING.  ”

— Coach R


“I am getting excited just thinking about it! None of our current athletes have been on a preseason camp trip like this before so they are really excited about this opportunity. ”

— Coach F

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